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Hidden Valley Plantations is a small macadamia business in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. We are a family partnership established in 1956, and are involved in all aspects of the macadamia industry.

Website Sections

About Hidden Valley Plantations Details of the various sections of our business, and our activities within the industry.
A-Series Varieties Our A-Series varieties have gained wide acceptance throughout the global macadamia industry.
Nurseries & Royalties Please support our breeding program and only buy our trees from the Licensed Nurseries on this page.
About Macadamias Origins and history, uses and recipes, and how you crack the dang things at home!
Recipes & Nutrition Some Recipes and Nutritional Info
Retail Outlets for our Products Where to buy our packaged nut products. Under construction.
Robotics & Automation (external link) Our automation projects are aimed at both research and commercial sectors.

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Recipe - Roasting and Salting at home

Roasting and salting raw kernels at home is easy.

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