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Welcome to my little attempt to collect the various resources that are available to TurboCAD third party developers in one place. Note in this context, 'developer' means anyone adding new functions to TurboCAD ... whether that be for private use, freeware, or commerically. 

This site is still very much under construction, so if you have suggestions either email me or make a contribution to this thread on the IMSI forums.

Below is a brief description of the different parts of this web site

Just Added - VBScript Centre for V11

VBA Macros were removed from TurboCAD V11. This is just a quick fix to get you going with VBS style macros

File Library and Complete list of TC Addons, Plugins & Macros

This is my attempt of a complete list of all the TC addons, macros etc that I can find. All sites, all types, all licences. If you know of others, please let me know.

Some are linked to the original sites, and others are mirrored here. I am also using it as a File Library for people who would like their SDK contributions hosted here. Users will not be able to upload files directly, and space is limited on my site so we'll have to see how it goes. They will either have to email them to me (5MB limit), or send me a link (preferred), or put them on the TC forums and I can either upload them from there or just link.

TC Developer Options  (Outline Only)

Discussion of what is possible for third party developers, and the various paths that development can take ... including Block/Symbol Libraries, VBA Macros, and addon DLLs. The last item includes discussion regarding various languages/environments available.

TC Developer Tutorials (Outline Only)

Will contain Examples, Tutorials etc.I think I will be plundering Tom's site heavily here :-)

TC Developer FAQ & SDK Issues  (No Content Yet)


Forum Hot Topics & Group Projects (Example Only)

Don't know if this will really work, but I had a thought that it would be possible to use this section as a sort of  'sticky' topics on the forum, ie a list of maybe ten developer hot topics that would just be links to forum threads. Those threads might be collaborations etc. Follow the above link to see an example.

TC Developer Links  (Outline Only)

Self Explainatory.


 Thank you for visiting this web site. I hope you enjoy our products & services, and that you return soon.

David Bell.

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