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With this library I am trying to make a complete list of all TurboCAD macros, addons, applications from all sources*. At this stage I have indexed roughly 250 (!), though some are probably duplicates. Initially this library was conceived as a resource for developers, but I think it is also useful to straight users looking for a tool that's not out of the box.

* Actually, just thought of a new source today, that being all the handy little tools for manipulating DWG format files. It will take some time to index all of these though. DB

Disclaimer: You know the drill ... use at your own risk ... no responsibility taken ... etc. More to the point, please note descriptions and indexing are in draft stages, but I think they are at a level where they are serviceable. I have not been able to check all of these files thoroughly, especially regarding version compatability. If you do find errors please report them (see below).

The Library

Thankyou to all the authors who have allowed me to include their material in this library

New Search Feature
Crude but effective for quickly finding addons

Library index by Category 
I think I will be redoing this index in the near future to break it down a bit more.

Library indexed by Author 
Authors please check your pages when you have time, and use the 'Email Comment' link on the appropriate pages to submit changes.

Missing Authors and Files
Currently there 10 files where I don't know the Author, and 8 where I can not find a copy of the file (mostly by Cceab). If you can help with any of theseplease use the 'Email Comment' link on the appropriate pages.

Some Details

Freeware vs Example Licence
In fact both of these licences really refer to free software. The difference is that Freeware means files that users may find useful as is or with minor modifications; whereas Example just demonstrates an aspect of the SDK without any really useful purpose.

Commenting, Reporting Broken Links, Errors etc
I think most of the links are working now, but if you find any errors or would like to make comments etc, please use the 'Email Comment' link on the appropriate pages.

I've gone through all the sources I know. Where there is a specific web page that has details about the file I have linked to the page, otherwise I have I have linked to the file itself. Where the file does not necessarilly have a known home, I have mirrored it on my site ... this includes everything from the public forums, and also stuff on Tom Snape's site.

To Do

At this stage the content is quite rough, mostly just copied from the sources where that was possible. Over time, I would like to do the following for all files in the library ...

If anyone would like to help with this task, please feel free to do so. Just work at one page at a time (your choice which ones) and submit the updates with the 'Email Comment' link. Content should be in basic html - no fancy stuff.

Notes for Authors and contributors

In addition to the above pleas for assitance, any Authors who would like their projects included in the library please contact me with the details. I can host them here if you do not have web space, or I can link to your page ... whichever you prefer.

Thanks in advance to all contributors. David


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