TCDRC - Hot Topics & Group Projects

Don't know if this will really work, but I had a thought that it would be possible to use this section as a sort of  'sticky' topics on the forum, just by being a list of maybe ten developer hot topics, that would just be links to forum threads. Those threads might be collaborations etc. Follow the following links is an example.


Developer Hot Topics (example)


Dedicated Developer Forums

I spent a bit of time looking at what free forums are around, and didn't really like any of them.

Then I found a wierd thing. If you open the IMSI forums from within a framed website like this one they think you are a different person! Actually I think this is rather handy, because it means developers get a sort of specialised forum setup for free ... you can set yourself up a separate identity with different forum options such as only to turning on the VBA sub-forums. But at the same time none of the content gets diluted by being spread onto various other 'free' forum providers. And no popups either :-).

Unfortuneately there are some problems. You have to log in under a new identity or it messes up your normal forum options. Even then it doesn't seem to work consistently. So it may not really be practical. Anyway if you want to try, here is the link - Forums in Frame. If you get it working let me know how!

If anyone has alternative suggestiojns for Developer forums, let me know also.