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First Tutorial submitted is

Using VBA Forms in TurboCAD DLLs by Rob Raine. Explains how to reuse Forms from VBA macros in VB DLLs

Hello Worlds

I thought as a starting point, it would be useful to make a collection of very simple 'Hello World' examples for all possible application/language combinations. For some of the projects I have written a brief specification - it's desirable that we create tools to follow the spec eventually, but at this stage anything is better than nothing.

Example Language File Name Who/Satus
Macro Spec The suggestion is we just make a series of very simple macros all in the one .tcm. I will start with drawing text at WCS 0,0,0
VBA I can do this. DB
Custom Dragger (Tool) Spec

This Dragger should contain two tools:

  • Tool 1 draws the text "Hello World Dragger" at WCS 0,0,0
  • Tool 2 pops up an input box for the user to set a text value, and then creates creates an instance of the HelloWorld_Regen (see below) at WCS 0,0,0 with that value set in it's custon text property.
VB I can do this. DB
C++ (MFC) Takers?
C++ (ATL) BCHelloWorld (4-Feb-04).zip (temporary)
I can do this. DB
C++ (BCB) Alfred K
Delphi Takers?
Custom Regen Spec This Regen should create text that can be edited via a custom Property Page.
VB I can do this. DB
C++ (MFC) Takers?
C++ (ATL) I can do this. DB
C++ (BCB) Takers?
Delphi Takers?
Custom Ties, Filters, Pallets, etc ??? Pallet Mark E?
Client Applications Spec This application should be dialog based, with an instance of a TC drawing in the main window. There should be a button/menu that causes some text to be drawn in the drawing.
C++ (MFC)
C++ (ATL)
C++ (BCB)