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Why Register BCiTool Freeware?

BCiTool freeware tools are provided as-is, with no oblications on the part of the developer or the user, so ... No, you do not have to register them. However, I would appreciate it if you could quickly register each one that you do use on a regular basis. (The pay-for tools have a separate registration process.)

What registering does do ...

What registering does not do ...

The Process takes about fifteen seconds of your time ...

Thank you.

David Bell

BCiTool Privacy Policy

Why does BCiTool collect User Information?

BCiTool maintains a small user database for generation email lists, used for example when announcing new or updated products. The database is also used for confirming and re-issuing lost keys/registration details, and so forth.

The information is not and will sold or transmitted to any other organisation.

What User Information does BCiTool collect?

When you register a freeware product, you are asked to supply your name, versions of TC you have on your computer, and your News preferences. Your email address comes from the message you send in the registration process.

With pay-for products, BCiTool also receives your 'shipping address' as part of the payment process as arranged by the third party payment gateway. The third party payment system ensures that BCiTool never sees your credit card details, let alone stores them anywhere.

All email correspondance is also maintained in a non-database form for reference purposes.

Security & Correction of Information

All user information is held offline in a PC, though the PC is regularly connected to the internet behind a firewall. But when you consider the nature of the data, the probability of a) a hacker/thief gaining access to the access data, and b) then finding it of any value to them would be remote.

If you wish to view and/or correct your personal information held by BCiTool, just send an email to sales@bcitool.com. Note however that correspondance is only possible using the original address registered with BCiTool (procedures can be arranged to change the registered address, though only via the original address).

David Bell



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