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All of these pictures were created in various versions of TurboCAD Pro and AnimationLab. As can be seen TurboCAD is both powerful and flexible. It can produce high quality renderings in various modes, in subjects from architectural to mechanical.

Still Images (click thumbs to enlarge)

House designed and rendered in TurboCAD Pro V7

This is the one and only house I have designed, so for me it was a very big project and involved a lot of learning! It was eventually built, and it turned out these pictures were remarkably similar to the final result.

Fountain designed & rendered in TurboCAD Pro V7

A project mainly done for my amusement, experimenting with various materials for water and stone. It's just about due for a reworking ... maybe some fishies :-)

Processing Equipment designed in TurboCAD Pro V9

These images and the ones that follow all demonstrate my main use for TurboCAD. We design all our equipment in 3D now for a number of reasons. Creating virtual machines in full 3D typically...

  • eliminates at least one physical prototype,
  • results in a more refined, compact and cost effective design,
  • reduces manufacturing costs, as individual parts can be fabricated to specification rather than with excessive fitting, and
  • simplifies future maintainence & modification of machines, because new parts can be designed on the original computer model, then simply fabricated & fitted.

More recently I have just started to use AnimationLab as well, and I believe it has great potential for visualising mechanical designs before farbication begins. I hope to do some examples before long.

Modelling reflected light paths in TurboCAD Pro V9

These rainbow 'lightrays' were hard!

Processing Equipment designed in TurboCAD Pro V8

Mixes solid and hidden line rendering in one image.

Harvesting Equipment designed in TurboCAD Pro V7

3D really helped keep this design compact, because interferences could be thoroughly checked before any fabrication started. Compared to a 2D design, I find that 3D designs can 10% - 20% smaller, which can be important in many cases.

In this case one the design was complete, the majority of parts were emailed to laser-cutters, and then just assembled.


Animations (Click thumbnails to play movies. These all look best if you set your Media Player to Repeat mode.)

Unusual Right-angle drive system (100Kb)

This was only done for my amusement. BTW these things do work.

Click picture for the 800x600 version of the movie (2 Mb).

Or here for the 640x480 version (1.2 Mb).

Room with glass ceiling, New Years Day. (2Mb)
Latitude 26S, 1st January, 6:00am - 6:00pm

This simulation shows a full day in five minute steps in order to get a smooth animation. The room pictured has a roughly south-easterly view.

The animation uses BCiTool_SP to set the position of the sun in each frame.


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