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Trialware & Freeware Add-on Products for TurboCAD (Updated)

Product Status



- Magic Leader
  for TurboCAD
Released 21-Jun-03


15 day trial then US$25 to purchase key

A set of tools that are all variations on a theme of creating normal TC Leaders quickly, automatically, and with a minimum of user input.

One tool creates Sequentially Numbered Leaders, another lets you choose the text from a PickList, and the last allows you to select an Object and base the text on that Object's Properties. There is also a Renumber tool for re-ordering a selected group of Numbered Leaders, and another for setting Options for the three drawing tools.


- General Macros
  for TurboCAD
Updated 9-Aug-2004



This is a collection of Macros from various contributors that have been converted to TurboCAD tools for one-click convenience Current Macros are ...

  • Copy in Place by Winston Mitchell

INI Utilities
  for TurboCAD
   Updated 7-Aug-2004

Freeware This is a collection of Utilities that can be used to edit the TC settings files
  • BCiTool_XI - TC-X Settings file editing utility
  • BCiTool_PM - Pattern maker macro for TC V7Pro - V10Pro

Trialware & Freeware Add-on Products for AnimationLab

Product Status



- Sun Positioner for
  AnimationLab V3
  Updated 31-Aug-03



This is a quick little addon for an addon! It adds a new command to the Scenario Editor in TurboCADs Animation Lab v3.1. The new command, SPMoveSun, allows you to easily control the position of a TC Light based on where the sun would be at a given time and place.


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TurboCAD & other 3D Links - a collection of links. I'm still in the process of categorising them properly

My Gallery - a few pictures & animations I have created with TurboCAD at different times

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