INI Utilities for TurboCAD

This a collection of Utilities that can be used to edit the TC settings files


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(html application)
Updated 7-Aug-2004

With TC-X TurboCAD introduced a new format for it's setting file TCW10_xml.ini. Problem is it has proved rather difficult to edit manually. This html application provides functions to address this problem until IMSI comes up with a better settings editor. It includes

  • Automatic merging functions for inserting or removing fragments of settings files (eg a color pallet) into the working settings file.
  • Unpacking/packing functions so you can edit the settings file manually.
  • Also an ACAD .pat -> xml coverting .pat files into xml suitable for merging.


Designed for use with TC-X only.

Download Freeware

Download (324KB)

Important: The install is not 100% standard, so please read XMLINI_Manual.pdf inside the zip file first

If you use it, please .... Why?

Thank you. David Bell

PatternMaker.tcm Macro
Released 8-May-2004

This macro takes graphics in a TurboCAD drawing and converts them to a Brush pattern.

Demo Movie

The following movie demonstates how to combine BCiTool_PM and BCiTool_XI to create and merge a new brush pattern into TC-X.

Flash movie showing pattern creation with TC-X (566Kb)


The macro runs in TC V7 Pro to TC-X V10 Pro

The macro creates two files ...

  • A text file that can be used with TC-9 and before. The user has to manually add the changes to their ini file
    This has been tested in TC9, but should work in TC7 & TC8 as well.
  • An xml file that can be used with TC-X. This can be automaically merged into the TC-X ini file using XMLINI above.

Download Freeware

Download (109Kb 8 May 2004)

Instructions are in the BCiTool_PM_Manual.pdf, in the zip file. Please read them!

If you use it, please ....   Why?

Thank you. David Bell


David Bell


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