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TurboCAD and Other Software

TC Products 

TC Patches and Accessories

Graphics Software (mainly free)

  • The GIMP. Excellent open source (free) image editor, perhaps soon to disappear (read link).
  • Irfanview Very popular image viewer that can convert between many formats
  • Vallen JPegger. Another image viewer, that is also handy for printing thumbnails etc
  • PDF995 and  PDFFactory are both worth a look if you want to convert your TC drawings to PDF

Some other software I use (mainly free)

  • OpenOffice.org - excellent open source office software
  • Mozilla open source Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email
  • Abakt and Backup4All - both these backup programs have served me well at least (Abakt is free)
  • miFiles - free FTP that works pretty good for me
  • WinHTTrack - website downloader/copier

General Software Distributors

TurboCAD and 3D Resources

TC Training Materials and Tutorials

TC Resources

Symbol Resources

Textures & Materials Resources


I would give a commentary on the following sites, but their quality is so uniformly excellent, that any attempt to rank or critique them seem pointless. So without further ado I present for your pleasure ...

TC Galleries

Other CAD and 3D Galleries

Other Non-CAD Galleries

Links to Links

TC Links to Links

Other Links to Links

  • Strata Cafe links page.
  • 3D Valley
  • Not Categoried



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